Field Construction Manager/Germany

  • EJ23982
  • Leipzig Area

Jouw talent hunter is Elke Janssens


The Construction Manager will report to the Project Manager and will work on the job site on a
full time basis. With the support of a small team consisting of a Safety Supervisor, Mechanical
Construction Supervisor and Site Secretary the Construction Manager will represent our client
in the interaction with the 3-5 main subcontractors.
The Construction Manager will support the interface between contractors and the involved
Engineering offices.
The Construction Manager will organize the necessary provisions to create an efficient and safe
job site compliant with the local stakeholders expectations.

Voornaamste taken

ï‚· Strict adherence to Nippon Gases rules for construction safety. Must also be capable of
providing good judgment for Construction Safety risk assessment and management.
The Construction Manager will receive and elaborated and specific training on
Construction Safety per Nippon gases regulations.
ï‚· Will ensure compliance with local German legal rules and regulations regarding
Construction Safety and subcontractor employment.
ï‚· Will participate to the project specific development and implementation of the HSE
Plan (including Work Permit System).
ï‚· Will implement and supervise the Quality Program for Construction to be executed by
the Contractors.
ï‚· Will be responsible and accountable for delivering safe & quality construction activities
on time.
ï‚· Will supervise construction contractors through all phases of construction activities.
ï‚· Will make sure that the construction contractors fulfill their contractual obligations.
ï‚· Will validate the Mechanical Completion documented by the construction contractors.
ï‚· Will actively participate to the development of the detailed construction sequence in
joint effort with the Project Manager and construction contractors.
ï‚· Will participate to the constructability reviews.
ï‚· Will lead the on-site construction coordination meeting.
ï‚· Will review and validate the physical progress reported by the construction contractors.
ï‚· Will participate to the review and validation of the Work Method Statement, Job safety
Analysis, Lifting and rigging plan, for any critical activities.
ï‚· Will review, validate and negotiate the corrective actions with the concerned
construction contractor(s) in case of unsafe situations, delay, non-conformity, and
related issues.
ï‚· Will review and validate change requests submitted by the construction contractors
and support the Project Manager in the related negotiation.
ï‚· Will be focused on the next critical activities and make sure that the required provisions
are in place to avoid any delay or unsafe situations.
ï‚· Will always be a force of proposal in the highest interest of the project (safety, cost and


Education And Experience;
ï‚· A Degree in an Engineering discipline is required, Mechanical or Civil Engineering
degree is preferred.
ï‚· Person must have a demonstrated track record of successful construction
management on industrial projects of more than 15 MEuro TIC and experience in
working within an international multidiscipline project teams.
ï‚· Must have a history of more than 15 years in projects and facility construction

ï‚· Good oral and written, in the first place German but also English skills.
ï‚· Understanding of contract strategy and the contracting environment.
ï‚· Diplomacy, conflict resolution and interpersonal skills in order to represent the Nippon
Gases brand at all times.
ï‚· Person must be self-motivated, have strong interest in construction management and
be able to work effectively in a team environment with people of all levels.
ï‚· Person must be able to work independently, manage complexity in an organized way
and set priorities.
ï‚· Person must be able to apply the best industry practices while accounting for cost

Wat bieden wij?

ï‚· 12 month contract opportunity.
ï‚· Opportunity for extension and continuation on other Nippon Gases construction
projects in Germany or Western Europe.