Health & Safety Engineer

  • TG24572
  • Olen

Een mooie kans voor een talent als jij!

Bij Tormans krijg je een vast contract en toch veel variatie door onze uiteenlopende projecten. Loopt een project af? Dan zorgen wij voor een volgend boeiend project bij één van onze klanten.

Je komt terecht in een familiaal, no-nonsens bedrijf waar jij op de eerste plaats komt. Gepaste opleiding, persoonlijke begeleiding, advies en coaching op maat. Uiteraard!

Je bepaalt zelf je traject

  • Jobs die bij jou passen
  • Doorgroeimogelijkheden
  • Mooie kansen bij grotere spelers
  • Variatie in opdrachten
  • Ontwikkel je kennis en talent

Je krijgt onze steun

  • Aantrekkelijk salaris
  • Bedrijfswagen
  • Maaltijdcheques, vergoedingen, ...
  • Correcte en snelle administratie
  • Persoonlijke begeleiding

Je verdient ook ontspanning

  • Tormans Café
  • Sinterklaasfeest
  • Meet & Eat
  • Familiedag
  • Recepties

Wij koppelen talenten zoals jou aan boeiende bedrijven.

We zijn een grote speler waar de medewerkers centraal staan. We zijn een familiebedrijf en vinden het behouden van het familiale karakter, in alles wat we doen, héél belangrijk!

Dit zijn je voornaamste taken:

Efficiency, timeliness, cost management
– To be the custodian of the sites specific HSE improvement plans, to ensure that the plans are kept updated, communicated and ensure that CHG “True North” principles are followed in line with global CHG strategic plans and OGSM strategy.
– To develop in conjunction with European HSE manager a specific set of HSE KPI's for Olen site, these to be based on LEAN + SMART principles and to ensure both sites have a robust suite of leading KPI indicators for 1,3 and 5 year timeframes.
– To be the sites subject matter expert for the Gensuite EHS management system and ensure that all site based roles and responsibilities are agreed.
– To co-ordinate and manage site based Gensuite benchmarking audits for Olen site
– To input all accident and incident data onto local and group databases to ensure regulatory compliance reporting standards are maintained- e.g. Belgian specific legislation ,OSHA.
– To attend group and global Health, Safety and Environment meetings, briefings and sessions as required and to act as site representative for Olen site.
– To be the sites subject matter expert for the Alchemy training platform.
– Day-to-day H&SE administration - Hazard spots/data;
– Coordination of dialy H&S activity - Safety walks, etc;
– You draft instructions on the use of labor equipment;
– In collaboration with department managers and supervisors, you conduct risk analyses;
– You draft prevention plans and have them reviewed by the Health & Safety Committee;
– ...

– You follow-up the health & safety KPI's and report them internally and externally, as, when and where needed;
– Champion safety en environmental audits;
– ...

Compliance, standards and simplification
– Manager of site based systems - Risk assessments/contractor controle/LOTO
– Owner of site H&SE improvement programme & prevention & annual action plans;
– Advisor/contact to local regulatory bodies;
– Liaison with Group HSE resource;
– You coordinate, follow-up and report on adherence to health & safety regulations;
– Draft monthly and annual reports;
– Give support and inform during evaluations re general policies re environmental policy;
– Advise on each intended investment which can be relevant from an enviro point of view;
– Draft annual report with overview of advice given and actions taken upon this advice;
– ...

– Provide advice about the induction process, the training plan from a health & safety perspective, etc.;
– ...

Safety, Well-being & Environment
– Is a role model when it comes to safety awareness and senitization;
– Conducting risk analyses: assistance/advice site with dynamic risk management system;
– Participation at studies re occupational diseases, causes of accidents/incidents, psychological welbeing aspects;
– Support investigations re physical and mental burden at work, modifications of technical installations and working conditions to human physiology as well as preventing excessive physical/mental tiredness;
– Participation in cause analysis of ailments due to work pressure;
– Advice on workplace organisation; peripheral factors, physical, chemical, carcinogen and biological agents, PPE's, other elements of work organisation, work content, working conditions, and interpersonal relationships at work;
– Advice on hygienic conditions;
– Advice on drafting instructions re use of PPE's, chemicals, fire prevention, procedures in case of serious or imminent danger;
– Advice on training employees: new hires, mutation, promotion, new installations, new technologies
– Prososals re onboarding, coaching, informing, creating safety awareness
– Give advice to employer and safety committee on each topic
– Work out internal emergency procedures and adherence to measures in case of serious or imminent danger;
– Drafts documents for labor equipment, PPE, etc.;
– Drafts a control system regarding health and safety and is responsible for the organisation of the first aid team;
– Advises on hygiene at the work place and other facilities;
– Ensure the contribution to general environmental awareness within the company;
– Commissioning new equipment;
– Implements programs to prevent injuries or health impairment;
– ...

Building rapport, managing, communication
– Report on working accidents, annual report, etc.;
– You take part in the Safety Committee Meetings, as the secretary;
– You clearly and proactively communicate on health and safety related issues;
– ...

Customer focus
– You support internal customers with respect to health and safety on the job.

Dit zijn must-haves voor deze job:

– Master HSE- Level 2
– Environmental Coordinator
– Excellent verbal and written communications skills, both in Dutch and English
– Being passionate about safety, order, cleanliness and environment
– Dispose of and put to practice the necessary meeting and reporting techniques
– Cognitively analysing and synthesing to get to the root cause of problems
– Maintain an independent and neutral position
– Strong communication skills and empathic
– Work proactively, accurate and being flexible
– A Plus: technical insight/background
– Absolute discretion with respect to privacy data (GDPR - Privacy Legislation)
– Experience of working with LEAN / CI principles in order to drive corrective actions and risk reduction

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